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Sailing Croatia is the dream of many sailors both professional and amateur, crystal clear waters and with more than 1000 Islands and Islets the Croatian Adriatic Sea offers the perfect sailing experience, Sailing around Croatia is arguably one of the best sailing experiences in the world.


Sailing holidays in Croatia provides you with all of life's luxuries in one of 50 marina's dotted around the Croatian Adriatic coastline.  Adriatic Croatia International Club (ACI Club) has 21 Marinas and there are more than 27 Private marinas


A large number of these marinas have refueling facilities, restaurants, shops, showers and maintenance shops.  As well as the marinas there are hundreds of harbors around Croatia where docking is possible.



If you don't have your own yacht or boat sailing around Croatia is still possible, there are dozens of yachting and chartering companies who service Croatia both local Croatian and international operators.


These companies can provide you with a vessel if you are experiences and licensed, otherwise skippered vessels are available, if you prefer to book a fully inclusive holiday package, some of the agencies can cater for all of your needs.




Kaiser Yachting - Zagreb

+385 91 4860 020 - info(at)kaiser-yachting.com



Cro Yachting - Split

+385 21 53 11 43 - info(at)cro-yachting.com



Globe Charter - Rijeka

+385 51 42 20 01 - info(at)globecharter.com



Blue Magic Yachting - Split

+385 21 33 23 32 - No Email



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