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Croatian - English Translation Service


Company Name Vidagents
Location Rijeka - Croatia
Email Address info(at)vidagents.com
Website www.vidagents.com




We provide Croatian-English, English Croatian language translations/proofreading services for any business or private individual wherever the best representation is needed. Aside from translations we can also provide graphic design and prepress services for print.
We can provide translations for any purpose from simple tourist texts to whole books (we recently completed the Croatian to English translation of the book ‘A Short History of Rijeka’ by Igor Žic)
We are also involved in several other academic projects for universities and faculties around Europe.





We are a husband and wife team, English/Croat, which has many years’ experience in the media of television, tourism, writing and graphic design.  Unlike many other online translation services we are not part of a large company who has string of freelancer translators who are only working in their spare time. We deal with the work and customers ourselves. Therefore we provide a personal service, tending to exact needs.




We are an English-Croat couple with many years experience in the media, journalism, print and tourism. We live in the city of Rijeka, Croatia.

Martin Mayhew (from Brighton, East Sussex, UK) has graphic design and journalism training. He worked for csma (the Civil Service Motoring Association) on their monthly magazine, 'Motoring & Leisure'. The csma is the largest private motoring association in the UK with 385,000 members - www.csma.uk.com
He also has 15 years experience of printing and print production. He worked as production manager for Gemini Press www.gemini-group.co.uk, the leading printing company in South East England.
Since moving to Croatia he has worked for a small printing company as graphic designer in Rijeka and now works from home.

Tea Mayhew (of Rijeka, Croatia) has a BA in Philosophy and History and a MA in History. She studied English in Tomorrow's People organisation in Brighton and obtained her IELTS certificate. She is currently finishing for her PhD at Padua University, Italy.
She worked for HRTV (Croatian Television) as a daily reporter. She has taught in local secondary schools in Opatija (Croatia). She was the Executive Director of the NGO Eko Centar Caput-Insulae Beli, on the island of Cres. Recently she has become an official court interpreter of the English language in Rijeka.

And the name ‘vidagents’?
Well St. Vid is the patron saint of Rijeka, ‘vid’ also means sight and agents - well we liked the idea of being ‘agents’ (we are big fans of James Bond!) Vida is also the name of Tea’s mother

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