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  Sjeverni (Northern) Velebit National Park is the youngest of Croatia's National Parks, It was declared a National Park in Croatia on the 2nd of June 1999, National Park Velebit is part of the Velebit Ranges, the ranges run parallel with the Coastline


Northern Velebit National Park is approximately 109 square KM in size, it is best know for its carst phenomena, pits and its preserved natural surroundings,  up to know there have been 150 pits discovered of which Lukes Pit, discovered 1992 is the best know.  A recently discovered pit is the deepest in the world at 553 meters.


The parks has a unique selection of mountain flora, the most common being the Croatian Sibirrhaea, the Zavižan-Balinovac-Velika Kosa Botanical reserve situated within the National Park also has a large selection of flora.


For the adventurous types the national park has extensive mountaineering trails, the best know is the Premužić's trail named after its builder, who build the trail in 1933 - Ante Premužić.  Following this trail will show you some of the mountains and surrounding areas treasures, magical views towards the Adriatic Sea and the Islands of Krk, Prvic and Rab aswell as some of the local architecture, stone walls, lodges and houses.


The National Park offers an extensive selection of packages and programs, half and full day tours cost 20 Kuna per person, group tours can be organized with the park.


1-3 Day tickets cost, 30 Kuna, 4-7 Day tickets cost, 50 kuna and whole year tickets can be purchased for only 100 Kuna.



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 National Park Sjeverni (Northern) Velebit,Sjeverni (Northern) Velebit National Park