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  Plitvice National Park (National Park Plitvicka Jezera) is the jewel in the crown of Croatian National Park,  this is one the worlds treasures and as such is protected under the World Heritage Listing, National Park Plitvice was Croatia's first national park, it was declared a National Park in Croatia on the 8th of April 1949.

National Park Plitvice consists of 16 magnificent turquoise lakes of varying sizes with one lake spilling in another producing picturesque waterfalls, the largest waterfall is approximately 70 meters, this is truly of the Europe's must see destinations, a typical question asked when people see photos of the lakes is "is that the real color of the water", it is a magical greenish-blue color, absolutely amazing.


National Park Plitvice is logically split into two sections, the upper and lower lakes, walkways have been created to allow the visitors to experience the park close-up, you can feel the spray of water from the waterfalls, you can touch, feel and experience the lakes and flora, experience nature as it is meant to be experienced.

The parks flora and fauna are abundant, some of which are unique to the park, there are over 1146 species of flora, a large number are protected under Croatian Law.

One thing that will amaze you is the abundance of brown trout in the lakes, experts are still puzzled how the trout came to be in the lakes, there are two main types of brown trout in the park.  Other fish over the years have been introduced into the lakes, Californian trout and carp, both of which are not in abundance.


There are 12 species of amphibian, the most commonly seen is the fire salamander, due to the long winters, there are relatively few species of reptiles in the park however a very large population of birds exists in the park with over 140 species recorded.


In the surrounding forest mammals can be frequently seen, some of which include: Bears, Foxes,  Wolves, Lynx, Badgers and Pine Martens.


Entrance price into the park is reasonable, the range from 70 - 110 Kuna for Adults, and 4 - 55 Kuna for children above 7, children under 7 can enter the park for free, the fee includes the up-keep of the National Park.

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