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Mljet National Park can be found on the Island of Mljet, the park covers approximately half of the Island, the western side of the Island.

Mljet has been under the protection of a National Park for a long time, it was declared on the 12th of November 1960.

If you want a relaxing break on one of Croatia’s most natural Islands, Mljet is for you. National Park Mljet is a thick forested park with 2 miraculous features, they are 2 inland salt water lakes, The “Great Lake” (Veliko Jezero) and the “Small Lake” (Malo Jezero)


The “Great Lake” covers approximately 145 hectares and has a maximum depth of 46 m, the “Small Lake” covers approximately 24 hectares and has a maximum depth of 29 m.


National Park Mljet’s fauna is fairly unique and safe, the island and park are free of poisonous snakes. There are a total five recorded species of snakes and six species of lizards on the island. Mljet's largest predator is the Snake eagle which helps to maintain a balance of nature on the Island.

The Island of Mljet can be dated back to the 1st century, Polače is a roman settlement dated back to that period, it is believed that the island then came under the control of the Croats during the 8th . The Benedictine monks built a monastery on an island of St. Mary which can be found in the middle of the “Great Lake”.

Entrance price into the park is reasonable at 90 Kuna for Adults, and 40 Kuna for children above 6 and pensioners, children under 6 can enter the park for free.

Like all national parks, national park Mljet has strict rules, the following is strictly forbidden:

  • Removing or Damaging any archaeological objects
  • Polluting the ecosystem
  • Unlawful disposal of waste
  • Picking of plants
  • Starting fires or smoking at unmarked areas
  • Hunting or disturbing any of the wildlife
  • Camping
  • Fishing and Scuba diving in the lakes.


Large fines can be imposed if you break any of the rules.

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