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Kornati National Park is located centrally between Zadar and Sibenik, approximately 15 Nautical Miles from either city, the national park is made up of 89 Islands and Islets, this collection of Islands are part of the Kornati archipelago.

The entire Kornati Archipelago consist of 147 Cliffs, Islets and Islands, the archipelago has been described by sailors as sailors heaven or heaven on earth.

The famous Irish writer George Bernard Shaw visited the Kornati Archipelago and described them as follows:  "On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown his work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath"


The largest island in the Archipelago is the Island of Kornat, over time Island Kornat has had many names including : Insula Sancte Marie, Stomorin Otok, Tarac, Tureta and Coronati.



The Kornati National Park is a nature park, with little in the way of historic structures, Island Kornat has some roman ruins and an old church.  The most notable structure is the Tureta Fotress dating back to the Byzantine Era(6th Century).  The park is ideal if you are into cycling, diving, hiking, kayaking and rafting etc,

Kornati National Park like all National Parks has special rules designed to help protect the park, there are areas of the park which has special protection and are restricted unless special permission is granted, the areas are: islets Purara, Mrtenjak, Klobucar and Mali, the reefs Klint and Volic and Veliki Obrucan.

Sailing is permitted everywhere within the Kornati Archipelago except in the restricted areas listed above, this also applies to swimming and fishing, if you wish to fish in the archipelago, you need to apply for a recreational fishing permit.

Scuba Diving and Fishing permits costs between 150 and 300 HRK per day.

Boat entrance prices into the park vary depending on the size of the boat and where the tickets are purchased, ranging from 120HRK for a 9M vessel and upto 450 HRK for a vessel greater than 25M, that is if the tickets are purchased outside the park.

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