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Brijuni National Park is located only a short distance from Pula, approximately 2KM, if you have come as far as visiting Pula, Brijuni is a must do day trip.


Brijuni National Park is made up of 14 Islands and Islets, Veliki Brijun is the largest, approximately 12 square km, Veliki Brijun is the main island for tourists.


Brijuni National Park has many attractions to see, the most well know is Marshal Tito's (Former Yugoslav leader) summer residence and the exotic collection of animals, Marshal Tito liked animals, when leaders from around the world would visit him, they would bring these animals from their homeland as gifts.  A "Safari Park" now operates on the Island and park exhibiting the animals to the tourists.



For the nature lovers, Brijuni National Park consists of 2 parks, Ethno Park and Safari Park, Ethno park is part of the Safari Park it consists mainly of local wildlife consisting of Istrian Ox and Sheep, donkeys and goats, it is a presentation of the local animals in the habitat.


The Safari Park has the exotic collection of animals, some of which are Blue Antelope from India, Marsh Antelope from Zambia, Somalian Sheep from Ethiopia, Lama from South America, Zebras from Guinea and cattle and Elephants from India.


For the lovers of all things old Brijuni has something for you too:

  • Roman Villa - The Villa in Vergie Bay dates back to 1 BC, it is located on the western coast of the Island.
  • Hill fort - This fort dates back to the bronze age (14 centuries BC), the walls, entrance and necropolis are amazingly persevered.
  • St Mary's Church - This ancient church dates back to the 5th century, the outside walls are almost as they were, an amazing structure.
  • Castrum - An area of more than one hectare, there have been numerous finds here from the roman empire and before.

Guided tours and excursions can be arranged from travel agencies in Pula, if you go to the sea front in Pula, there are numerous charter companies offering trips to the Park.


There are two hotels available to choose from on the Island, Hotel Neptune/Istra and Hotel Karmen for Booking, both of these hotels can be All of your Hotel Bookings can be made here




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