About Croatia - Names starting with v

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Sex Meaning
vukmir Male  
Valent Male  
Vanja Female  
Vedrana Female  
Vera Female Faith
Vesna Female  
Vid Male Sight
Viktor Male  
Vinko Male  
Visnja Female Cherry
Vjeceslav Male  
Vjeko Male  
Vjeran Male  
Vjerana Female  
Vjeskoslav Male  
Vladko Male  
Vlado Male  
Vlatka Female  
Valerija Female  
Vlatko Male  
Verona Female  
Vedran Male  
veronika Female fair and beutiful
Vjekoslav Male Derived from vijek and slavlje
Vrane Male  
victor Male  
Vida Female  
Vinka Female  
vjehosluva Female  
Vuk Male Wolf
Vjakinator Male the inator of Vjekoslav
Velimir Male Speak about peace
vernesa Female  
Vazdar Male  
Vanka Female Short of Ivana or Ivanka
Veljko Male Big
Vicka Female Vickie
Vatroslav Male  
Vuko Male local name - wolf
var Female  
Vilko Male  
vojvodic Male chosen one
Victoria Female  
vasvija Female  
Virya Female means Goddess of Kindness, derivation from Wanda
Vojka Female  
Vitomir Male  
Valjin Female  
Vladimir Male  
Viktorija Female  
vincent Male  
vlainic Male  
Vedrana-1 Female Jovial, Jolly, Merry
Valentina Female  
vugrinac Male  
vurko Male  
varas Male  
Vanessa Female Beautiful Origin Butterfly
Vedran -1 Male the one always bright as heaven
Velimere Male  
Vojko Male Male variation of Vojka
veselko Male happy
Vonya Female  
vistrir Female baby of god
vinica Female  
vencel Male  
vrkljan Male  
visjnia Female  
Vidin Male  
velko Male  
velco Male  
Voljen Male loved(croatian).
verbanic Male  
victorias Female  
Videka Male  
valeria Female  
vukonich Male  
Vidran Male  
Vukovic Male  
valintine Male  
vieco Male  
Verkic Male  
volf Male  
valli Female  
vuccen Male  
vido Male  
Vidas Male  
vili Male