About Croatia - Names starting with s

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Sex Meaning
Sokol Male Falcon
Sabina Female  
Sanda Female  
Sanja Female A dream, the one who dreams
Saša Male  
Silvija Female  
Siniša Male  
Slava Female  
Slaven Male  
Slavica Female  
Slavka Female  
Slavko Male  
Snjezana Female  
Stipa Female  
Stipe Male  
Stipo Male  
Stjepan Male  
Suzana Female  
Senka Female  
Stela Female  
Smiljana Female  
Svjetlana Female Light
Sara Female English equivalent is Sarah
Severina Female  
Stephanie Female Goddess of france
Stanko Male  
Sandra Female  
Slobodan Male Strong powerful mind
Silvano Male  
Sanel Male  
Silvana Female  
Stefan Vujcich Male  
Savka Female  
Stanka Female  
Shea Female  
sabadin Male  
Stose Female From Anastasja (resurrection, Easter, Spring)
Sandria Female Sweet angel
Stevo Male Diminutive for Stephen, like Steve or Stevie
Sime Male Nickname for Simon
Stefano Male  
Senad Male  
Solin Male  
Sertich Bob Male  
Sorich Male  
Seperich Female  
Sonja Female After the river Sonja
Sarah Female  
shebetich Male  
Ston Male Ston in Dubrovnik pronunciation "Stan", in Croato-Persian means "place". In nowadays Croatian it reffers to an "apartment".
Stan Male In Croato-Persian means "place". In nowadays Croatian it reffers to an "apartment".
samuel Male  
sonko Female  
Spomenko Male  
sanjin Male  
Shauna Female  
Sidonija Female  
Srecko Male Lucky
Suzanna Female  
Stipec Male  
Sasha Male  
Senija Female  
Slađena Female  
sjenka Female  
Sharon Female  
senat Male  
sam Male beautiful one with large schlong
sofija Female wisdom
Suncica Female Sunshine
Smith Male  
Svjezdana Male  
Slaven -1 Male Glorious
Stan -1 Male short for "Stanko"
Selma Female  
simmo Male god of being gay and homosexual orgys
soka Male  
shelby Female  
savoia Male  
sannella Female  
Sean Male  
salvesno Male lover of sex
striper Female one who likes to show off her ....
Steven Male Powerfull
sasa Male  
Sladjan Male Sweet boy
Slađan Male Sweet Boy
Saby Male  
shane Male  
snjeza Female  
suska Female  
sandi Male  
Sam Swanson Male pederast.
Smilja Female  
sonya Female  
Snezena Female  
stanic Male  
skritch Male  
saponia Male  
stravko Male  
Swijetlana Female  
Spomenka Female  
Sandon Male Tall curley haeaded FREAK who thinks is awesome.
Stephen Male  
staicer Male  
Stefica Female  
Stijepko Male  
Sinovich Male  
Sendra Male  
spisic Male  
simec Male  
Sreto Male  
Serge Male  
safet Male  
saphira Female  
Sladiček Male  
snejana Female  
sagita Female  
stana Female  
Sinisha Male  
Smiljan Male  
Snezana Female Goddess
savor Female  
simon Male  
Suzana-1 Female lily
Sivook Male  
suker Female  
stambulic Female  
stanfelj Male  
Summer Female  
sofia Female  
SARIC Male  
strilcic Male  
sujena Female  
siska Male  
sepich Male  
Stipan Male  
sherick Male  
Stano Male  
separovic Male  
solaris Male  
sostaric Male  
Safija Female  
Samskey Male  
sinosic Male  
Sinisa Male  
Stacy Female  
samija Female  
Smiljka Male  
Snjezama Female  
sanela Female  
Slut Female one whose pussy is for sale, but not always in exchange for money.