About Croatia - Names starting with j

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Sex Meaning
Jadranka Female Jadran = Adriatic in Croatian
Jadranko Male Jadran = Adriatic in Croatian
Jagoda Male Strawberry
Jakov Male Croatian form of Jacob or James
Janica Female  
Jasenka Female Jasen = Ash
Jasenko Male Jasen = Ash
Jasmin Male Jasmine
Jasminka Female Jasmine
Jelena Female Jelen = Deer - Helen or Helena, or Elena
Jelica Female  
Jelka Female Fir/Pine Tree
Joseph Male  
Josip Male Joseph
Josipa Female Fem. variant of Joseph for ex. - Josephine or Josepha
Joško Male  
Joso Male Diminutive form of Joseph, like Joe
Jožo Male  
Jure Male George
Jurica Male  
Jakša Male  
Jasna Female Jasno = Clear
Jana Female God's gift - Equivalent of the English name Jane
Janko Male  
Juraj Male  
Janie Female  
Jerman Male  
Jordan Male To flow, descending
Jerko Male  
Jasmina Female Jasmine
Jonko Male  
jade Male  
Jozo Male Joseph
Jišaja Male Jesse in English (Protected by God) origin Hebrew
Javor Male Javor = Maple
Jaccobena Female Jacqueline - Jacquelyn
Jillian Female  
Jadran Male Adriano in Croatian
Jodi Female  
Jaclyn Female  
jared Male  
Jennie Female Beautiful in mind, body and spirit
Josef Male  
janja Female  
Jest staffel Male FREE Pictures of the world, travel pictures and archeology pictures
james Male  
Jimmy Matiasevich Male  
Jozefina Female  
Jovanka Female  
Julia Female  
Javok Male  
Julie Female  
Jelko Male  
judit Female  
Jovan Male  
Jovo Male  
Jered Male Revenge
johan Male johan
julianna Female  
Jarnevic Male  
jadre Male  
Jaso Male  
jayna Female  
jaksa Male  
joshua Male  
justin Male  
jon Male  
Jan Male  
Jessica Female  
Jerolim Male  
JAKOB Male  
James Burns Male Sup everyone in 9D3 is the man (an woman_ - exept BOBO - she shucks BYE...... PIE PIE PEI PIE PIE
Janet Female  
jarane Male  
Josku Female  
jaric Male  
Jack Darovich Male  
jere Male  
john Male  
Jolic Male  
jadnika Female  
Jasnoća Female Clarity
Jerkov Male  
Julijan Male  
janotkova Male  
Jeljko Male  
jack Male  
jennifer Female  
jivo Male  
jerosima Female  
jaime lee Female daaawg!
jacko Male  
Jagoda-1 Female Strawberry
jandro Male  
jarno Male super
jeffery Male this name means a purple wiggle
jezina Male  
johnathan Male  
jelno Male  
janectic Male  
jorvika Male  
jelinic Male  
jacin Male  
Jeanette Female  
Jesby Female Beautiful, spiritual, active
Juretic Male  
jela Female  
jamie Male