About Croatia - Names starting with i

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Sex Meaning
Igor Male  
Ilona Female  
Irena Female  
Iskra Female  
Istra Female Named after Istria (Istra in Croatian)
Iva Female Osier or Twig
Ivan Male Giovanni, Johan, John, Istvan, Jean,Jovan
Ivana Female Feminine version of John
Ivanka Female Diminutive fem. version of John, perhaps Jonnie, or Jane
Ivica Male  
Ivka Female  
Ivo Male Diminutive for John, i.e. Johnny
Ivona Female  
Izidor Male  
Ilonka Female  
Ilija Male  
Ivani Female Female version of Ivan
Irina Female  
Iris Female  
ievan Male  
Irene Female  
ida Female  
Izabela Female  
Irenej Male ljubitel zene
isidora Female a gift from Izis
Isabella Female person who miriah is obssessed with
Ilurious Male derivation from Helder, son of God of Mars, trustful and lover
Imre Male  
Ilinka Female  
Ivitza Male  
ivankovic Male  
Ilonka-1 Female version of Helen
Ilena Female  
Irena-1 Female Peaceable
Irma Female  
Istvan Male  
Ignac Male fire
illich Male  
ivic Male  
Inston Female  
Ivina Female  
ive Male  
ignatius Male pure
ivica ivanek Male  
ilko Male  
ivanna Female  
isaiah Male scare head, light skinned. nappy hair and weird and annoying.