About Croatia - Names starting with h

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Sex Meaning
Hrvoje Male  
Hrvojka Female  
Helena Female  
Hazbi Male  
Haramija Male  
handabaka Male  
Hrvoje Pavlovic Male  
hvar Male Old Persian word for a sunny place.
Hannah Female Grace of God
Henlav Male Means Pure Happiness. God of Trust, derivation from Joe
hocevar Male  
Hrvatica Female One who is Croatian
Hrvoje - 1 Male old word for Croat
Hrvatoljub Male Hrvaté=Croat ljub=> ljubi or ljubiti = one who kiss or kissing
Horvath Female Croatian People
hrabak Male  
hinsley Male  
hasan Male  
heralind Male  
hal Male  
Halid Male  
HANA Female  
habulin Male  
hope Female hope
hrvatska Male  
henca Male