About Croatia - Names starting with d

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Sex Meaning
Damir Male Yes Peace
Danica Female  
Danijel Male  
Danijela Female  
Darijo Male  
Darko Male Gift
Davor Male Croatian pagan god of war
Davorka Female  
Dinko Male  
Domagoj Male  
Dora Female  
Doris Female  
Dragan Male Dear One
Dragica Female Dearest
Drago Male Dear
Dragomir Male Dear Peace
Dražen Male  
Dubravka Female  
Dubravko Male  
Dunja Female Quince
Durdica Female Lily
Dusan Male Soul or Spirit
Diana Female  
Dorotea Female  
Duje Male  
Dino Male  
Draga Female Dearest
Danitza Female Morning Star
Dragutin Male Drag = Dear
Dujo Male  
Davina Female  
Darija Female  
Drina Female After the river Drina
Dario Male Gift,wealthy
Dina Female  
Dean Male  
Davraga Male  
drazon Male  
dawid Male  
Dejan Male  
David Male  
Dado Male Short for Davor
Dijana Male strong willed
Danilo Male God is my judge
Darnell Male Hrvatski velikan
Denis Male  
Dimar Male Dim=Smoke
Darisa Female  
Daruvar Male Old Persian name for a "Good City" or a city in a good place. Named after Darius the Great.
Davorin Male  
Darnir Male  
Demire Male  
Darinka Female  
Dobrila Female  
Dajen Female Diane in english
disipio Male  
dravo Male  
denise Female  
Drazen Male  
Daniela Female  
Dragon Male  
Dragana Female Dearest
Dara Female  
Dane Male  
Draguhin Male  
Danica - 1 Female old croatian word for Venus (planet) modern croatian word for Venus is Venera
dara - 1 Male short for Darija
Daria Female female version of name Dario
Dubravko - 1 Male after city of Dubrovnik
Dubravka - 1 Male female version of name Dubravko
dennis Male  
dawn Female beautiful;smart
dorjan Male  
Dalibor Male  
dzin Male  
Dan Male  
Dinka Female not known
Dubravka-2 Female From Dubrava; Dub=oak; Meaning: the girl (or boy, Dubravko) from the Oak Forest; also relate the name to Gundulić\\\'s work.
draganjac Male  
daniel Male  
Dubravka-1 Female  
demi Female Half
damjan Male  
Davison Male  
Daliborka Female  
Duya-1 Male  
Duro Male  
Drazan Male  
desi Female surprize
dvorak Male  
dargavel Male  
Darijan Male  
Dorijan Male  
draska Female  
dashiell Female elegant, beautiful
Dzejmi Male good boy
Dujan Male  
darinko Male  
Damer Male  
dignor Male  
dar Female  
Dajana Female Divine, Heavenly
Dalija Female  
djuro Male  
doda Male  
daniel skerlap Male  
Domago Male  
dog Male  
dani Male  
dinco Male  
Druskovich Male  
Deak Female  
Dragntin Male  
drageli Male  
Drageska Female  
dalmat Male illyrian tribs
Danko Male  
domiza Female  
divo Male  
dvorka Male  
Darthana Male ?
dragoilov Male  
dershitza Female  
daniella Female  
danimir Male  
Danitzza Female  
deny Male goodness brightly smart hansome
darynka Male  
dujam Male  
dragojevic Male  
diarla Female  
dubravchich Male  
Duvar Male  
durota Female  
danny Male  
dekno Male dec head heading for such truble in airo land where decs boss is oh
Draž Male  
dusica Female  
djakov Male  
Dzigi Male