About Croatia - Names starting with c

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Sex Meaning
Cesarica Female  
Cvita Female Flower (Dalmatian)
Cvite Male Flower (Dalmatian)
Cvitko Male Flower (Dalmatian)
Chantal Female Song, boulder
Clair Female Beautifull
Cmiljka Female  
Catherine Female  
Caela Female Keeper of love,trust,lust,and romance
Carlz Male Charles in croatian
Cole Male Good thing
Cor Male  
Chalea Female Sha-lee-ahh, heard it was old irish & means leader. But is spelled much diffirent
Clemens Male  
Cedomir Male  
Christina Female of Christ
christien Male  
candida Female  
chanel Female  
Cristopher Male  
Culig Male  
Christopher Male reading and writing with love inside the heart
coskun Male ebullient
cody Male  
crljen Male  
crljen1 Male the colour red
cmelik Male  
Canjar Male  
carnon Female beauty
carlos Male  
cecilia Female  
costena Female  
Cetinski Male  
christian Male  
Cindric Male  
costanti Male  
culomrine Female to be ugly or unusual
Croatia Male  
cerneka Male  
Ceren Female  
cecic karuzic Male  
Celestina Female  
cina Male  
Cosic Female  
crnko Male  
ciska Female  
croia Female  
clemenich Female  
ceruvija Male  
capeka Female  
costa Male  
cvjetan Male  
cvitas Male  
corey Male ugly, fat, loves fast food, and gay.
croasy Male  
croation Male  
cuk Male  
Cherie Female Person with black hair that loves aidan. usually grows up to be a prostitute.
culum Male  
cehic Male