About Croatia - Names starting with b

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Sex Meaning
Berislav Male  
Bernard Male  
Bernarda Female  
Biserka Female A Biser is a pearl
Blazenka Female  
Borna Male  
Bosiljka Female  
Božena Female  
Božica Female Božic = Christmas
Božidar Male Gods Gift (Boži = Gods, Dar = Gift)
Božo Male  
Branimir Male Protect Peace
Branislav Male  
Branislava Female  
Branko Male  
Budimir Male Be Peace
Bogdanovic Male  
Biljan Female  
Boris Male  
Biljana Female  
Bogdan Male  
Branka Female  
Brankica Female  
Bruno Male  
Bianca Female  
bachan Male  
Baro Male  
Bjelovar Male Old Croato-Persian name for a west city. In Persian culture, colours represented sides of the world. "Bijelo" as "White" represented "West".
Bozo Male  
Bojan Male  
babić Male  
baglama Male  
bosnjak Male  
Bronte-1 Female godess of the universe
Boydlavic Male  
Bozica Female  
Borjana Female  
Boro Male  
Beika Female  
breanna Female  
Bare Male  
bidaniach Male  
boban Male  
Basil Male  
baylee Female  
Bojo Male  
bankovich Male  
barbara Female  
branimira Female  
buga Female old croatian princess
bozena Female  
Bissett Male Cleaner
beda Male  
Blasius Male  
Bolto Male  
Blaz Male  
Blaž Male  
bubby Female  
Borislav Male Old Slavic "Boru" means something like "fighter" or "combatman" while "Slava" means "honourfull" or "honorable". So Borislav means "honorable fighter"
BojoI-1 Male PIE
Bojo-1 Male Hello, Its ME
Bakic Male  
Barsic Male  
Biba Female  
Badovinac-2 Male from Italian word \"badati\" meaning to stab or pierce as they were a warrior clan
blair Male hi
bepo Male  
basiglio Male  
Bercovich-1 Male ?
bucic Male  
bogus Male  
Brkic Male  
basic Male  
borovec Male  
butkovich Male  
boso Male  
beljan Male  
bobana Female  
Badovinac Male  
Bono Male  
Brala Male  
baresich Male  
Banadinović Male  
Bety Female  
bobas Male  
Biocic Male  
Bekonja Female  
Blansa Female  
bendekovic Male  
buba Female  
bojana Female  
Bogumil Male  
barry Male  
belcich Male  
begg Male  
boba Female  
Bernatovic Male  
brinajk Male  
braco Male  
Braco-1 Male  
Boris Lukunic Male  
batric Male  
bert Male looking for an name
Bozic Male  
Brian Male short, aggressive, small head
Bondulich Female  
Buljan Male  
bassisiopod Male love rabbits
badidiiiiiiiiiiidia-aaa/dididididiii Female son say sun mi
Borut Male  
bartulovic Male  
Bercic Male  
brkich Male  
banek Male  
botica Male  
Betnic Male