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Croatian Cooking - About Croatia


7 wonderful recipes from Sandra Raguž Lougher new book.


My Favourite Croatian Recipes

Hrvatski recepti na engleskom jeziku

By Sandra Raguž Lougher



First Croatian cookery book published in U.K.. A mouth-watering collection of 60 traditional Croatian recipes gathered from the regions – Dalmatia, Istria, Slavonia, Zagorje… an unforgettable culinary experience.


Easy to follow, vividly and carefully described instructions, packed with original specialities like the famous brodet (fish stew), Dalmatian lamb, Croatian pepper cakes, and plum dumplings… Every recipe illustrated in full colour.


Sumptuous recipes for every occasion, using a wide variety of seafood, meat, cheeses, fresh vegetables and fruits – Croatian cuisine is a winning combination of simplicity with style. Enjoy!


My Favourite Croatian Recipes by Sandra Lougher is published in paperback by  


Pen Press Publishers Ltd ISBN 1-905203-00-4 Ł10.95 Available from:


Pen Press Publishers Ltd

The Old School

39 Chesham Road, Brighton

East Sussex  BN2 1NB U.K.


Seven fantastic Croatian recipes to try and enjoy at home:


1) Fisherman's stew - Ribarski brodet

2) Fried courgettes - Pohane Tikvice

3) Primosten style chicken - Pile na Primostenski nacin

4) Dalmatian lamb with new potatoes and peas - Dalmatinska janjetina s mladim krumpirima i graskom

5) Fried squid with swiss chard and potatoes - Przene lignje i blitva sa krumpirima

6) Wallnut roll - Orehnjaca

7) Croatian pepper cakes - paprenjaci



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