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Danny Pehar a Croatian/Canadian Comedian, some of the funniest stuff I have heard and seen in a long time, I was in tears!!!


I had to share it with you, as some of you might not be regular surfers of YouTube.


Please note that there is a fair amount of swearing, Do not watch/listen if you are easily offended by swearing 

Danny Pehar Croatian/Canadian Comedian

Being Poor

8:13 min

High School

4:22 min

The Girl Friend

3:15 min


1:33 min


2:45 min

The Summer

1:21 min


1:40 min


7:00 min

Immigrant Parents

3:21 min

Big Head

2:35 min

The Office

6:40 min

Show Towels

2:17 min

Wind Tunnel

4:28 min


3:25 min

Furniture Fight

2:08 min

The Bank Story

8:14 min

Black Skates

3:06 min

Dumb Ear

2:26 min



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