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Croatia has many beautiful castles, most if not all are found mainly inland, Croatian Castles are in wonderful condition and should be included in your must see destination list for Croatia, Castles of Croatia.  Arguably the best castles in Croatia are: Trakoscan Castle and Veliki Tabor, both can be found in the Krapina-Zagorje County,  the other castles are also exceptional but probably not as well know.  Croatian has a lot more building which could be classified as Castles, but I would consider them to be more in the shape of either Manor Houses or Fortresses.


There are numerous Manor Houses or Fortified Houses spread around Croatia, again many found inland, and generally positioned to overlook and protect vast areas of land.


Fortresses or Fortified cities, these you will generally find along the Croatian Coastline, the most well know Croatian fortified city is off course Dubrovnik, but there are literally hundreds spread along the Adriatic Coastline and Istria.




Castles of Croatia
Trakoscan Castle Trakoscan
Veliki Tabor Castle Desinic
Nasice Castle Nasice
Slavonia Castle Donji Miholjac
Ozalj Castle Ozalj
Bosiljevo Castle Bosiljevo
Nehaj Castle Senj
Sokolac Castle Brinje


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