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Croatia has 28 main rivers, all flow into either the Black or Adriatic Sea, the estimated lengths provided are based on the length of the rivers within the Croatian border.  This table details the flow of the rivers, which rivers they flow into and how they reach their final destination the Sea



Rivers of Croatia Index
Danube River  - (Dunav) Neretva River Cetina River
Krka River Zrmanja River Mirna River
Sava River Drava River Mura River
Vuka River Kupa River Una River
Bosut River Lonja - Trebes River Sutla River
Orljava River Krapina River Sunja River
Bednja River Plitvica River Korana River
Dobra River Glina River Odra River
Kupcina River Cesma River Ilova River
Mreznica River    



 River (1 -> Sea)

 River (2 -> 1)

 River (3 -> 2)

 River (4 -> 3)

 River (5 -> 4)

Black Sea (Crno more) Danube - 188KM Sava  - 562KM Kupa  - 296KM Korana  - 134KM Mreznica  - 63KM
Black Sea Danube Sava Kupa Dobra  - 104KM  
Black Sea Danube Sava Kupa Glina  - 100KM  
Black Sea Danube Sava Kupa Odra  - 83KM  
Black Sea Danube Sava Kupa Kupcina  - 56KM  
Black Sea Danube Sava Una  - 120KM    
Black Sea Danube Sava Bosut  - 151KM    
Black Sea Danube Sava Lonja - Trebes - 133KM    
Black Sea Danube Sava Lonja - Trebes Cesma  - 124KM  
Black Sea Danube Sava Lonja - Trebes Ilova  - 85KM  
Black Sea Danube Sava Sutla  - 89KM    
Black Sea Danube Sava Orljava  - 89KM    
Black Sea Danube Sava Krapina  - 75KM    
Black Sea Danube Sava Sunja  - 69KM    
Black Sea Danube Drava  - 505KM Bednja  - 133KM    
Black Sea Danube Drava Plitvica  - 65KM    
Black Sea Danube Mura  - 438KM      
Black Sea Danube Vuka  - 112KM      
Adriatic Sea (Jadransko more) Neretva  - 20KM        
Adriatic Sea Cetina  - 101KM        
Adriatic Sea Krka  - 73KM        
Adriatic Sea Zrmanja  - 69KM        
Adriatic Sea Mirna  - 53KM        



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