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Croatian currency Kuna bank notes are in dominations of 5,10,20,50,100,200,500 and 1000.  The Croatian National Bank prints all of the currency for Croatia.

The 5 Kuna note is printed on Green paper, 10 Kuna on Violet, 20 Kuna on Reddish, 50 Kuna on Bluish, 100 Kuna on Orange-brown, 500 Kuna on Brownish and 1000 Kuna on Yellowish-white.


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5 Kuna 100 Kuna
10 Kuna 200 Kuna
20 Kuna 500 Kuna
50 Kuna 1000 Kuna



Croatia Note 5 Kuna front

Croatia Note 5 Kuna back

5 Kuna

Front: Petar Zrinski (1621-1671) and  Fran Krsto Frankopan (1643-1671)

Back: Varazdin Fortress - 12th - 16th century and ground plan of the fortress.

Croatia Note 10 Kuna front

Croatia Note 10 Kuna back

10 Kuna

Front: Juraj Dobrila (1812-1882)

Back: Arena in Pula and ground plan of the city of Motovun (Istria).

Croatia Note 20 Kuna front

Croatia Note 20 Kuna back

20 Kuna

Front: Josip Jelacic (1801-1859)

Back: Castle of Count Eltz (Vukovar) - 18th century and Dove of Vucedol 2000-2500 BC.

Croatia Note 50 Kuna front

Croatia Note 50 Kuna back

50 Kuna

Front: Ivan Gundulic (1589-1638)

Back: Old town of Dubrovnik - Rector's palace 15th century.

Croatia Note 100 Kuna front

Croatia Note 100 Kuna back

100 Kuna

Front: Ivan Mazuranic (1814-1890)

Back: Church of St. Vid (Rijeka) - 1638-1742 and ground plan.

Croatia Note 200 Kuna front

Croatia Note 200 Kuna back

200 Kuna

Front: Stjepan Radic (1871-1928)

Back: Military headquarters (Osijek) - 1926

Croatia Note 500 Kuna front

Croatia Note 500 Kuna back

500 Kuna

Front: Marko Marulic (1450-1524)

Back: Diocletian's Palace (Split) and a figure of a Croatian ruler from the 11th century.

Croatia Note 1000 Kuna front

Croatia Note 1000 Kuna back

1000 Kuna

Front: Ante Starcevic (1823-1896)

Back: Monument of the first Croatian king, Tomislav (925) and Zagreb cathedral - 1217


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