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This is a unique Croatian dictionary that helps you learn the Croatian language by allowing you to put in partial words, words that you might know the start, end or middle, this Croatian language translation tool allows you to use wildcards, place a percent sign (%) anywhere you like.

Another unique feature is that you query the words without the Croatian specific characters, but displays the words with and without the Croatian specific characters.

How to pronounce the Croatian letters:
c = 'ts' in 'cats', ć = 'tu' in 'mature', č = 'ch' in 'chat', đ = 'j' in 'jar', dž = 'j' in 'jet',j = 'y' in 'yellow', lj = 'lli' in 'million', nj = 'ny' in 'canyon', š = 'sh' in 'sheep', 'ž' = 's' in 'treasure'





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