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Cycling Croatia has numerous cycling and mountain bike routes around Croatia, if you want to see and cycle Croatia there are bike cycling routes available to satisfy everybody's desires and levels, including but not limited to the along the Coastline, jumping between the larger Island, up into the Mountains and Highlands, throughout central Croatia, winding around Zagreb, along Slavonia, towards Karlovac, up and around Velebit National park and mountain range and finally along side Istria.

Cycling map are available for most of the areas, alternatively you can join a cycling club on one of their semi regular riding adventures.

There are various levels of cycling Croatia routes available, day trips, weeklong trips or if you consider yourself a marathon rider you can attempt to cover Croatia's ride around the entire country, now that is not a task for the light hatred.


If you organize your weeklong cycling Croatia trip properly ensure that your stops are at friendly small family run hotels or villas as this is where you will be able to taste and eat the local produce cooked in the traditional methods and maybe even a glass of the local wine or whisky (Rakija).


Since the end of the 19th century The Croatian Cycling Federation has been been in operation, today Croatia has just under 60 cycling clubs,



Address Contact Details

The Croatian Cycling Federation

Trg Sportova 11

Zagreb  10000


[email protected]


+385 1 3650-526
+385 1 3650-502
+385 1 3650-555


Cycling around Croatia is idealic for tourists, travel is cheap, you can visit all those destination where cars are not even allowed and to top it off you can use other means of transport if you so desire, you can catch a Ferry between Islands, if Island hoping is your thing, if you don't have your own bike, rental on the Islands is very cheap, or you can use the Croatian Train network for those longer trips, one way tickets are very affordable.


If you want to cycle on one of Europe's most beautiful cycling tracks, National Park Plitvice is for you, a MUST ride cycle track! 


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