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The Croatian monetary unit is Kuna, 100 Lipa make up 1 Kuna. Kuna means Marten (A Marten is a slender-bodied weasel type animal). 


In early times Marten's skin was used as a unit of trade, 1256 was the first time a Marten was displayed on a Croatian coin.  Pictured below are all of the Croatian coins ranging from 1 Lipa through to 5 Kuna.


Antique Croatian coins


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1 Lipa 50 Lipa
2 Lipa

1 Kuna

5 Lipa 2 Kuna
10 Lipa 5 Kuna
20 Lipa  



Croatia Coin 1 Lipa front

Croatia Coin 1 Lipa back

1 Lipa

Front: Flowering linden twig

Back: Two corn cobs - Kukuruz - translated (Corn Cob)

Croatia Coin 2 Lipa front

Croatia Coin 2 Lipa back

2 Lipa

Front: Flowering linden twig

Back: Grape vine with bunches of grapes - Vinova Loza - translated (Grape Vine)

Croatia Coin 5 Lipa front

Croatia Coin 5 Lipa back

5 Lipa

Front: Flowering linden twig

Back: Oak branch - Hrast Luznjak - translated (Oak branch)

Croatia Coin 10 Lipa front

Croatia Coin 10 Lipa back

10 Lipa

Front: Flowering linden twig

Back: Tobacco plant - Duhan - translated (tobacco)

Croatia Coin 20 Lipa front

Croatia Coin 20 Lipa back

20 Lipa

Front: Flowering linden twig

Back: Olive twig - Maslina - translated (olive)

Croatia Coin 50 Lipa front

Croatia Coin 50 Lipa back

50 Lipa

Front: Flowering linden twig

Back: Velebit degenia - Velebitska Degenija - translated (Velebit degenia)

Croatia Coin 1 Kuna front

Croatia Coin 1 Kuna back

1 Kuna

Front: Marten

Back: Nightingale - Slavuj - translated (Nightingale)


Croatia Coin 2 Kuna front

Croatia Coin 2 Kuna back

2 Kuna

Front: Marten

Back: Tuna - Tunj - translated (Tuna)


Croatia Coin 5 Kuna front

Croatia Coin 5 Kuna back

5 Kuna

Front: Marten

Back: Brown Bear - Mrki Medvjed - translated (Brown Bear)

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