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by Bernard Kotlar


Multimedia CD overview.


This is a multimedia story utilizing both pictures and words, the CD will show you snippets of Zadar's history, city residents, and details about some of the popes and their relationship to Zadar. The CD contains numerous video clips, photographs and postcards and an amazing 35 songs. This is a perfect way of getting acquainted with the city of Zadar, its history and people.


Numerous people have had input into the CD including but not limited to the Benedictine sisters of the Sv. Marija convent, Mr. Spralja and Mr. Marsan. The multimedia CD is issues in five languages: Croatian, English, French, German, and Italian.



The peaceful history of Zadar dates back three millennia, its magnificent buildings and the endless  monuments are witnesses to the long and relentless past of Zadar.


Church of St. Donat - Crkva Sv. Donata

Croatia Zadar - Church of St. Donat - Crkva Sv. Donata

St. Donat church dates back to the 9th century and is believed to have been constructed by order of Donat - Bishop of Zadar. History tells that this church was originally called he church of the Holy Trinity.

Church of St. Mary - Crkva Sv. Marije

Croatia Zadar - Church of St. Mary - Crkva Sv. Marije

Church of St. Mary - Zadar dates back to 1091, it was dedicated to Out Lady Minor, the church under the control of the Benedictine nunnery and was founded by abbess Cika in 1066.


In the 16th century St. Mary church was renovated, which included giving it more length, height and a more Renaissance appeal.  The church was inclicted a lot of damaged during  World War II so its current state is more modest than its original.

Croatia Zadar

Despite the changes made of the centuries the Cathedral still captivates the imagination of its visitors. The nave is three times as wide as the aisles which are divided by columns and pillars interchanging methodically. Situated above the aisles is a metronome with its arcades opening over the nave.

Croatia Zadar

A grand view of a grand city.


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