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Zadar Basketball City - Zadar Grad Košarke

by Bernard Kotlar


75 years of Basketball - Multimedia CD overview.


Zadar Basketball City Multimedia CD contains material equivalent to a 1000 page book, consisting of about 120 pages of text and more than 900 photos of which about 600 includes written comment.


In addition there are also audio and video recordings of many of Zadar's greatest basketball legends, you can hear some of the songs sung about the city of Zadar and Zadar basketball.



It is hard to find words to fully describe Zadar basketball which rightfully holds the appellation as one of Croatia's best basketball leagues. This is the club that placed Croatia on the European scene and is the pride of all the citizens of Zadar and Croatia.


Zadar basketball club has almost eight decades of basketball in Zadar, it became the symbol of sports and unity and always brings the citizens together to unite and from this unity came the best cheering slogan "We are from Zadar, Zadar is ours!“.   Zadar Basketball Song in MP3 format.


Croatia Zadar Basketball



Croatia Zadar Basketball

Giuseppe Pino Giergia - born November 24 1937 in Zadar.

Basketball and Zadar was always his greatest love.

Croatia Zadar Basketball

Kresimir Cosic (26-Nov-1948 -  25-May-1995.)

Croatia Zadar Basketball

Zadar supporters


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 Croatia Zadar Basketball