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1993 Maslenica 2003

by Bernard Kotlar


Multimedia CD overview.


This multimedia CD was created in honor of the liberators and victims of the civil war, the CD commemorates the 10th anniversary of Maslenica.


The CD contains information through photographs, videos and stories the victorious operation in the civil war, and all those who took part in it.

With special thanks we mention our regions deceased, who gave their lives for their homeland during the civil war.



1993 Maslenica 2003 CD commemorates the 10th anniversary of Maslenica and is in honor and endless gratitude to all of the liberators and fallen victims of the homeland war, the CD contains copious stories through photos and videos, it details the triumphant operation during the civil war.


The Chief Editor and main contributor of this multimedia CD was brigadier Daniel Kotlar.  CD Publisher is: County of Zadar. 

Croatia Maslenica

Croatia Maslenica

Croatia Maslenica


Croatia Maslenica


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