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Zadarski Arbanasi

by Bernard Kotlar


Multimedia CD overview.



This is a story presented to you in multimedia to best show you the history and the past of the exiles from the coast of Lake Skadar (Albania) and their migration to the Adriatic coastline and to Zadar, due to the large influx part of Zadar was renamed to represent its large population of migrants, and this name still retains up until today the name is Arbanasi.


Zadarski Arbanasi multimedia CD contains numerous, audio and video clips, photos from family albums, along with the memories and recollections of the families, which are sometimes spoken in "arbanaski", slang, but mostly in Croatian.



The published of this CD is "Our Lady of Loreta Parish" through song and prayer and in honor of the ancestors of Arbanasi, this CD was created to preserve the history for the current and future generations with a history traceable back to this homeland.


Croatia Zadar Arbanasi

Croatia Zadar Arbanasi

Croatia Zadar Arbanasi


Croatia Zadar Arbanasi


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