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Croatia has many breweries, two of which are considered large national breweries "Karlovačka Pivovara" and "Zagrebačka Pivovara".
  • Karlovaċka Pivovara was established in 1854 and is the manufacturer of Karlovacko beer (Karlovačko pivo)
  • Zagrebačka Pivovara was established in 1893 and is the manufacturer of Ozujsko beer (Ožujsko pivo)

Pictured below are two of Croatia's favorite local beers.



Karlovacko (Karlovačko) and Ozujsko (Ožujsko)


Karlovacko Pivovara

Karlovacko Pivovara - Beer has been made in Karlovac since 1779,  Karlovacko Pivovara has been in operation since 1854. April 2003 Karlovacko Pivovara became a part of the Heineken Group.


Contact Information: Karlovac 47000 - Dubovac - +385 47 60 71 11


Karlovacko Pivovara currently brew 4 types of beers:

  • Karlovacko

  • Karlovacko Crno (Dark Beer)

  • Karlovacko Zimsko (Winter)

  • Rally (Non Alcoholic Beer)


Medvedgrad Pivovara

Medvedgrad  Pivovara - This is a small boutique brewery who make a small selection of very fine beer.  Medvedgrad beer brewery first started operations on the 22nd December 1994, The brewery was located on the corner of Savska Street and Vukovarska street, Pivnica Medvedgrad was the first mini-brewery in Zagreb.


Contact Information: Bozidara Adzije 16 - Zagreb 10000 - +385 01 36 46 54 6


Medvedgrad  Pivovara currently brew 5 types of beers:

  • Zlatni Medved (Golden Bear)

  • Gricka Vjestica

  • Crna Kraljica (Black Queen)

  • Sva Klasa (Two Classes)

  • Mrki Medved (Brown Bear)


Daruvarsko Pivovara

Daruvarsko Pivovara - makes the Staro Cesko Beer, Daruvarsko Pivovara is one of the oldest breweries in Croatia, it started opetions in 1840. Daruvarsko Pivovara is locate din the middle of Daruvar.


Contact Information: A.M Reljkovica 2 - Daruvar 43500 - +385 43 63 11 66




Zagrebacka Pivovara

Zagrebacka Pivovara - makes "Tomislav Pivo" which is one of the strongest beers in Croatia at 7% alcohol, Tomislav Pivo is considered by some connoisseurs to be Croatia's best beer.


Zagrebacka Pivovara - has been making "Ozujsko Pivo" for over 112 years, Ozujsko Pivo is a very popular beer inland.


In 1994 Zagrebacka Pivovara became part of the Inbev Group.



Contact Information: Ilica 224 - Zagreb 10000 - +385 1 39 00 19 9




Jadranska Pivovara

Jadranska Pivovara makes "Zlatorog" beer, Jadranska Pivovara has been making beer for over 180 years, since 1825.


Contact Information: Vranjicki put b.b. - Vranjic 21 210 Solin - + 385 21 20 24 44




Osijek Pivovara

Osijek Pivovara has been making beer for more than 300 years, its history dates back to 1697.


Contact Information: Vukovarska 312 - Osijek 31000 - +385 31 51 47 20


Osijek Pivovara currently brew 3 types of beer:

  • Osjecko Beer

  • Oskecko Dark Beer

  • Biker



Pivovara Licanka

Pivovara Licanka is a boutique brewery with a short life as a brewery in comparison to the others,  don't underestimate this brewery as has an ever growing drinking base and is a favourite Croatian beer for many.


Contact Information: Novoselija bb - 53213 Donje Pazariste - + 385 53 68 52 24


Pivovara Licanka currently brew 2 types of beer:

  • Svijetlo Velebitsko pivo
  • Tamno Velebitsko pivo

























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