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The latest currency exchange rates provided by the Croatian National Bank, these exchange rates should be used only as an indicator of what rates you might get.


Exchange rates vary between banks in Croatia, there are a lot of bank in Croatia, some charge more to exchange currency and  travelers cheques and some charge less.


Below are the latest currency exchange rates provided by the Croatian National Bank, the most common currencies are listed.


If you are exchanging cash then the small Money Exchange offices are your best choice.  If you need to convert Travelers checks (cheques) then a Bank or Post office is your only option, shop around as the cost of converting travelers checks (cheques) can vary greatly from no charge to 5 Euros per check, so ensure that you don't get small dominations.  You will need to provide your passport as identification.


The other option is to use either your Credit or Debit Card, the bank will use the current exchange rate when they convert to the Croatian currency, there are a lot of ATM's throughout Croatia, you can use your: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and Diners cards to withdraw money.




Exchange Rate as at November 22, 2018 - Exchange rates in Croatian Kunas
CountryCurrencyUnitBuying RateMiddle RateSelling Rate
AustraliaAUD001 4,703307 4,717459 4,731611
CanadaCAD001 4,892086 4,906806 4,921526
Czech Rep.CZK001 0,284616 0,285472 0,286328
DenmarkDKK001 0,991357 0,994340 0,997323
HungaryHUF100 2,301183 2,308107 2,315031
JapanJPY100 5,748932 5,766231 5,783530
NorwayNOK001 0,760173 0,762460 0,764747
SwedenSEK001 0,716730 0,718887 0,721044
SwitzerlandCHF001 6,535025 6,554689 6,574353
United KingdomGBP001 8,312698 8,337711 8,362724
USAUSD001 6,504573 6,524145 6,543717
BAM001 3,782692 3,794074 3,805456
EMUEUR001 7,398301 7,420563 7,442825
PolandPLN001 1,719976 1,725151 1,730326